Bus driver seat ergonomics safety

Durable ergonomic seating for urban bus operators oregon osha. Reducing whole body vibration to improve the safety and. Bus driver seat measurements and seat adjustment ranges. Failure to incorporate driver ergonomics into occupational health and safety.

Employee assumes a static shoulder posture for more than. In order to simplify the seat adjustment procedure, ten 10 adjustments were identified as being. Are bus drivers at an increased risk for developing musculoskeletal disorders. How to improve ergonomics while driving for long periods of time. Ergonomics, the science of designing a workspace to fit the workers safety needs, is integral to a bus driver s daily duty. To the extent that it is not already legally required, equipping the driver s seat with a threepoint seat belt and head rest are recommended. New protections include limiting passengers and adding signs encouraging riders to stay six feet apart on bus seats, benches, buildings. The driver should have sufficient room 25 30 cm or 10 12 in between the steering wheel and his or her chest breast bone in order for the seat belt and air bag to provide the maximum safety. If you drive for a living, are in charge of fleet safety or even simply drive to and from work each day, consider the following driving ergonomics tips. Section with tools you can use to promote driving safety at your workplace. Insurance association for occupational safety and health at work.

Adjust the back of the seat so that it is in contact with your body up to. The driver should have sufficient room 25 30 cm or 10 12 in between the steering wheel and his or her chest breast bone in order for the seat belt and air. Taxi drivers, bus drivers, forklift operators, traveling sales people, delivery people, etc the good news is that there are some ergonomic tips you can use to make the trip go easier on your body, whether you are on a family. The general service bus is a vehicle with a drivers seat located at a low height. How to improve your ride with proper ergonomics by tracey wallace, on august 16, 2016. Are bus drivers at an increased risk for developing. Cdc blogs niosh science blog reducing whole body vibration to improve the safety and health of bus drivers. An ergonomic risk assessment study article pdf available in journal of ergonomics s3011. Back and ergonomic safety for school bus drivers youtube. Driver ergonomics focuses on the health aspects of driving, drawing upon. The objective of the study is to develop recommendations for the ergonomic design of the. A total of 280 male drivers with acute body pain in any region were randomly selected for the study, and ergonomic information on drivers seat.

Bending, stooping, reaching and kneeling are part of the work day for the bus driver exercise at the start of the day, or anytime during the day, can reduce the chance of an injury, while performing these tasks. Is sitting in a car seat the same as sitting in a chair. Truck drivers are exposed to risk factors that can lead. The leading cause of disabling injures for school bus drivers is back and ergonomic injuries. Additionally, we looked at the optimal range of the driver seat positions as it relates to the steering wheel and pedals and ensured the seat can be adjusted to meet the needs of the largest number of drivers. The benefits of an ergonomically correct workspace for bus drivers are farreaching, producing increased job efficiency, safety and preventive health maintenance. Driving significantly increases stresses and discomfort to the lower back. This video features a breakdown of some of the best ways to avo. A lot of drivingrelated back pain has to do with the position of the driver s seat. Any person who spends a lot of time in a vehicle car, truck, ambulance, etc.

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